Evidence-Based Decision Making in Dentistry

We are dEvidence-Based Decision Making in Dentistryelighted to announce the publication of a book co-edited by the Editors-in-Chief of Evidence-Based Endodontics and published by Springer: 

​​​​​​​Evidence-Based Decision Making in Dentistry
Multidisciplinary Management of the Natural Dentition
Editors: Rosen, Eyal, Nemcovsky, Carlos E., Tsesis, Igor (Eds.)

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Aims and scope

Evidence-Based Endodontics presents the latest and best available scientific evidence with a view to promoting evidence-based clinical decision-making, education, and research. Submitted manuscripts are peer reviewed on the basis of strict and objective criteria concerning their novelty, methodology, and compatibility with evidence-based principles. All types of manuscripts in the field of endodontics or endodontic-related multidisciplinary studies are considered for publication.
The journal specifically encourages the submission of original studies such as controlled clinical studies, systematic reviews, and meta-analyses. Narrative reviews will primarily be considered for publication if they discuss historical perspectives or future trends in endodontics, while short reports will be considered if accompanied by a systematic review of the literature to identify and discuss other reports on comparable cases.